Juan DeLaRosa

Now Is The Time To Begin Spring Cleaning!

Check out your closets and garages and see if there are any music instruments
that are not being used. Please donate them to the

SAPPA AX Music Project

There are thousands of students who cannot afford musical instruments
and hundreds of schools that do not have instruments and instructional
materials or teachers.

The instrument loan program is not only based on need, but also certain
commitments. All students agrees to:
• practice daily
• follow the rules of the music program
• listen to and appreciate all types of music
• maintain and take care of the instrument at all times.
Parent/guardian agrees to support the student in every way possible,
including providing space and time for daily practice and checking assignments.

Instrument donations can be dropped off at:
Jackie Robinson Park 626-744-7330
1081 N. Fair Oaks, Pasadena, CA 91103

or *Call SAPPA, 626-793-8706 and we will make arrangements to
pick up donations.

Instrument Donors

Jeri Levy Sue Black Monica Peterson
Lanny Hartley Naoko Kawahira Suzanne Weiss
Barbara Pierce Jasmine Putnam Phil M. Wayne
Georgia Lumpkin Phillip Klein Bobby Bradford
HerbAlpert School of Music-UCLA Mina Azizi Lawanda Muhammad
Susie Hansen Angie Do-Tran Marie Hand
HB Barnum Karen Lehman Ingrid Wilkerson
Arif Khatib Hagai Izreli Martin Turner
Lucy Viola Freeman Jackson Wildwood School – Los Angeles
Richard Lanier Lynn Anne Lange Nathan Nguyen
Phil & Cheryl Cabasso Rev. Alvin Mckinney Monica Peterson
Brenda Tyson Jennifer Visik Adriane & Mark Rothstein
Welton Gite Michael Birnbryer Barry Zweig
Kathryn Redwine Jean Clements Barbara Lashley
F.Ancheta, Larry Erlichman Sandy Graham
Karla Becker Greg Hudson Roscoe Lee Owens
Charles Pullium Peter Erskine Greg Pappas
Charyn Harris-Muszed TJ Hudson Kenny Sara
Michel Mansoor Anne Farnsworth Larry Klimas,
Heidi Galke J. Taylor Greg Mann
Mari Beth Lefler Hollie Fox James Nash
Leo Mouton Kathryn Carr Elisa Taylor
Lisa Mays Eunice Gray Debra Tinsley
Sam Ash Music A & M Power Guitar Center, Inc.
Mike & Holly Fox Mark Carlson Frank Wolf
Peter Bohan Jim Wright Octavio Fontes
Robert Kyle R. Mitchell Phillip Warlick
Walter & Elizebeth Norwood Marcello Tallis, Valarie King
Tina Hicks James Howard Alyson Beecher
Betty Bryant, Ronda Carlson Richard & David Hodge
The Jazz Zone Scotti Austin Jeff Fesenmaier
Cecil Brim
Chandler Cadett